Long-term Sickness Absence Costs UK Business Over £4 Bn A Year

2 years ago

Employees are usually considered to be 'long-term sick' when they've been off work for four weeks or more. The four weeks don't have to be continuous — periods can be linked if they last at least four days and are eight weeks apart or less.

But how many of these employees are genuine? And how is this affecting your business and your other employees?

If you suspect your employee is taking advantage how do you prove it?

Surveillance can be a very cost-effective tool to obtain evidence in the event that the employee is not genuine. Many cases have been proven whereby the employee has grossly exaggerated an injury or illness. Some have even been documented working elsewhere. This evidence has resulted in immediate dismissal for gross misconduct/ resignation and in some cases Police action for fraud offences.

Contact us to discuss how we may be able to help if you suspect one of your employees is taking advantage, It could result in huge savings to the business overall!